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Access Audits part 2: format options

Access Audits part 2: format options In part 1 of our short series on access audits we discussed why audits are needed and who should undertake them. In this instalment we discuss the different formats for access audits. It’s an aspect that’s often not given proper consideration. Format options Over the years we have been working in this field, we have seen a massive variety in the type and level of detail of access audits, ranging from two page ‘tick […]

Access audits; Part 1 – why should we undertake them?

We have received a number of enquiries about access audits lately, from organisations who have never had any done, through to those who want a refresh to understand their progress. We always find ourselves going through the same discussions so we thought a short series of blog articles might be helpful. Here’s the first instalment. Part 1: Why should we undertake access audits? An access audit is a means of assessing how accessible any particular premises or services are to […]

Ministers set out a new action plan to make buildings and public spaces more inclusive.

The major construction professions have committed to an action plan to deliver more inclusive projects. This can only be a good thing, but it will require some honest reflection by the industry as to why such important issues are still so often over looked. Is it a lack of technical guidance? a lack of methodology as to how to achieve inclusive environments ? a lack of direction from clients? or is it that the professions still don’t have sufficient awareness […]

Minister challenges construction proffessions to do more on Inclusive Design

On the 20th November Communities Minister Stephen Williams set out the gauntlet . . . encouraging all the major professional bodies to do more to promote inclusive design and projects that respond to end user needs. Its a great idea, and one which we hope will be seen through to the end. All too often inclusive design and accessibility issues are not properly understood by project teams. Most design teams lack the knowledge to get it right and more importantly they never really sit down […]