Corporate Accessibility Strategy

Corporate Accessibility Strategy
For larger organisations, getting accessibility right starts at the top. It requires a holistic view of the how the organisation ‘touches’ its customers to work out what potential areas need to be reviewed. For example, you may have accessible hotel accommodation but if your website doesn’t advertise this you’re unlikely to be getting bookings from potential disabled customers. These customers will be staying with someone who has got a holistic approach to access.  In our experience most organisations are either taking risks under the Equality Act or leveraging accessibility to provide a competitive advantage. There is no middle ground!

At idacs our staff have worked with major banking organisations, museums and accommodation providers to review the overall customer journey. This review sets in place the strategy for an organisational approach to delivering an inclusive customer journey. It often includes:

           • Marketing and public information
           • Website and digital presence
           • Physical accessibility of the customer environment
           • Staff training and up skilling
           • Monitoring and continual improvement processes

idacs and our associates are able to provide a very rare skill set to deliver all, or any one component. of this organisational approach  and inclusive customer journey. Working with our associates we are able to offer:

           • Policy advice
           • Inclusive customer training on etiquette and awareness
           • Online research through a panel of 500+ disabled and older people
           • User trials and testing of new environments and products
           • Detailed ergonomic assessments of new products from an inclusion perspective
           • Digital and web accessibility advice

If you need to work out your organisations next steps on access and inclusion please contact us to see how we can help.