Design Advice

Design Advice
Getting an idacs access consultant involved in your design project has a number of benefits, including:

           • Ensuring your project delivers its contractual responsibilities
           • Supporting the design team with statutory applications
           • Increased levels of compliance with design standards
           • Auditable decision making regarding access and inclusive design
           • Delivering a better quality design for people who will use the building

We have extensive experience in working with design teams to deliver project objectives. We craft our scope of services to suit your project and circumstances.

For smaller projects, our consultants can provide a ‘sense check’ of the design before it gets built, to avoid costly errors and the risk of retrofit.

For larger projects, our staff can undertake the role of access champion. This role involves working with stakeholders to identify project objectives relating to accessibility and inclusive design and then ensuring they are delivered. When you think of a construction project, there is someone responsible for cost, time, safety, aesthetics, fire safety . . . Where is the voice of end users? It’s a gap we fill.

To find out how we can help your project please contact us