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RICS and NRAC collaborate to bolster the role of access consultants in land, property and construction

idacs is pleased to see one of the major professional bodies working with the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) to bolster the role of access consultants. When it comes to getting advice the challenge is ensuring you get the right advice. The agreement between the two bodies will see the RICS close its Inclusive Environment Accreditation Scheme (IEC) and collaborate with the NRAC to raise awareness of the role of access consultants within the construction and property industry. This agreement now means there is only one formal accreditation scheme? for people providing access audits, access consultancy and giving advice on accessibility in relation to the Equality Act 2010 (which replaced the DDA).

As consultant members of the NRAC, idacs staff have been through a two stage application process and formal peer review to ensure that we are competent to advise on matters of accessibility. Our advice, whether it be an access audit, design advice or assistance with access strategies, is always objective and specific to your needs. We look forward to lending our support to the NRAC and RICS as they begin their collaboration.

Click here to read the NRAC’s formal press release.